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xperience Thomson Lighting LED products and you will never see light the same again!

Thomson Lighting specializes in the latest and most innovative technology: LED ONLY. In search of a long lasting solution combining comfort and energetic efficiency, we believe it is essential to go beyond halogen or fluo-compact solutions. We therefore made the choice to focus completely on this cutting-edge technology.

With a constructor warranty of 3 to 10 years, Thomson Lighting offers a large range of products perfectly meeting customer lighting requirements. Our products are tested and certified according to international standards by independent laboratories and are designed for professionals as well as the general public.


We offer innovative products such as the 1st COB spot direct 220 volts without the MAMBA driver (available in stores in September) and the revolutionary IMAX bulbs. Their design features and prices have no equivalent in the LED market.

Thomson Lighting is the leading company in the transition to LED technology.

To our clients, we pledge to supply excellent quality products with unbeatable prices.


At Thomson, we are invested with the mission of offering our clients the best products at the best prices in order to accelerate the transition from old halogen or fluo-compact solutions to the technology of the future.

We subject all of our products to strict certification tests performed by several of the most renowned European laboratories: DEKRA, TUV, VERITAS.

Rest assured that we at Thomson Lighting believe that the high cost of these tests is a small price to pay for a product that is both safe and durable. This is our pledge to you so you can sell Thomson Lighting products worry-free.

Discover Thomson Energy

In order to promote widespread use of clean energy, Thomson Energy strives to offer high quality products and services. A team of skilled employees and an unbeatable performance are at your disposal to offer you a wide range of products and services.

To save both money and energy in today’s current ecological state of the world, the only choice we have is to make the transition to sustainable energy. Together, we can make a difference.

Within a few years, Thomson Energy has become one of the top photovoltaic specialists in France. The company has selected the best products and the most reliable manufacturers. They are able to meet all types of client needs and respect the bill of specifications of Thomson Energy whilst remaining highly competitive.


The photovoltaic kits are certified according to French and European standards and include reassuring product warranty.

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