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A leading company in the electronics industry for over 120 years, Thomson provides a wide range of products for the entertainment and the wellbeing of families.

Thomson products are known for their quality and technological innovation, simplicity, and high-end functionalities. Moreover, Thomson offers general public products for the general in multiple disciplines: digital reception, health, small household appliance, computer science, air treatment, mobile and landline telephones, audio and video, major appliance, digital photo, security and home automation.

This is why generations of families around the world continue to trust Thomson for their entertainment needs and their comfort at home.

Key milestones

  • 1893: The creation of the French company, Thomson-Houston (CFTH), responsible for pursuing all Thomson-Houston Electric Corporation patents in France within the then emerging field of electricity production and transportation
  • 1967: Thomson-Brandt merge with CSF.
  • 1982: Thomson-Brandt and Thomson-CSF are nationalised by the French government
  • 1983: Both companies are re-grouped under the name 'Thomson SA‘. The group is split into two main facilities:
    • - Consumer electronics: Thomson Consumer Electronic Company (TCE)
    • - Thomson CSF, specialising in professional electronics within the military defence sector.
  • 1997: A government decision is made to consolidate the business activities of Thomson CSF   and Dassault Electronics.
  • 1999: Business activity is suspended within Thomson CSF.
  • 2003: The remaining state shares in Thomson are sold off.
  • 2005: Consumer electronics and televisions ceased to be sold to the Chinese group, TCL.
  • 2007: Thomson is the result of the consolidation of a number of business activities: Thomson, Technicolor, Grass Valley, DSL Alcatel, Atlinks, Thales Broadcast and Cirpack. Production of audio-video appliances and accessories under license
  • 2008: Organisation of Thomson into 3 divisions – Technicolor, Grass Valley and Technologie
  • 2010: Thomson become Technicolor with 9 licensees marketing electro-domestic products under the Thomson brand
  • 2011: Turnover from Group operations over 9 months reaches 2,396 million €, an increase of 2.3%.

Thomson Partners

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